Wednesday, May 5

"Noise": Makes it difficult to hear the voice of the Lord.

This lessons (qoutes; ideas) came from my, Understanding Personal Revelation institute class I took last year, though the thoughts have been more recent:

These past couple weeks I have learned the reality of noise and how it can so easily entangle us. I feel like every sec. there is some type of noise we can fill the silence with: I-pod's, T.V., anger, the radio, selfishness, and so much more. Even this past week I would go from one to the next: when the t.v. was off I would go straight to my i-pod or when my i-pod was off I would go to the internet: pandora. I'm not saying that these things are bad but when you have so much of them I feel its hard to find the peace that we need in our lives.

            "Hearing: The young child flinches at loud noises, but in modern society he soon learns to endure and then to enjoy excessive decibels. Loud noise prevents the development of discriminative refinement. Our civilization shouts so loud that the value of a whisper is forgotten.
            Continuous background noise-from the radio or television, for example-discourages the development of perception and discrimination. Something that is there the whole time no longer draws proper attention: it dulls; it becomes a kind f drug; it floats us sluggishly along. It is like a stream of dirty, lukewarm water, a kind of inferior bath taken disgustingly in common. Whatever encourages our inattention diminishes our ability to make wise choices; because, of all the things that are required to make wise choices, a delicate and sensitive attention is the most important."
          -'Abundance of the Heart,' Arthur Henry King p. 210

I feel like, with everything, we need moderation and especially noise vs. silence. In this world it is so easy to become wrapped up in the noise around us that we forget how to just sit and enjoy the quietness. Though, I know, it is very important to find sometime during the day -everyday- to just be quiet, and listen for the voice that will lead us home.

Okay so one last qoute and then I am done. I really like this qoute and it hit me hard as I read it over this morning:
" I invite you to go home from this melancholy meeting and beguile three hours or so before the tube, so that you may experience one full hour of commercials. This is the final triumph and total corruption of rhetoric, rude, brief, and wrenching interruptions, as garish and distracting as possible, as your attention is jerked from one sales pitch to another, and we sit there and allow this corrupt practice to inflict the deadly epidemic of the past on our civilization. At this point the only escape I can think of is the temple. I testify to its sanctity and power to purify our lives. " (The italics and bold are only my emphasis not his; that was the part that hit me).
 -Hugh Nibley, 'Temples Everywhere', Insights, Vol 25 p. 16
So Challenge: find time to just " Be still, .."
Much love,  :)