Monday, September 6

"Let go and let God."

You may be wondering why I even titled this what I did.. or maybe not. But I will explain:
This qoute comes from a cute lady from New Jersey. My friend and her companion were trying to teach her about the church, this was her response after they were pretty presitant. Her point was that if what they were trying to say was really true then God would let her know in due time. They wanted to teach her and help her understand. Which is a normal desire.. though with the desires we have we don't always get to choose the way we accomplish those desires. Sometimes we just have to "let go and let God."

I share this story because recently in my life I have had all these dreams, desires, and accomplishment I have longed to come across. I realized that I can do everything in my power to prepare for these things: Whether its completing my mission papers and various other things, but in the long run I can't choose the exact way things come about. I just need to be patient and let myself feel. I just have to let go. Including my: stubbornness, prideful, and even my gaurd that I am so good at putting up for protection. Sometimes I just have to let myself get hurt or even just let my self cry. You might be wondering what the? But Its hard expressing all my thoughts right now. And this may be the most vague post. ever. You see the truth is as much as I have been preparing for other things at the moment I have always managed to let myself run* far away from things that might make me have to feel for a bit. Sometimes we need to fall so we can experience the sweetness of being able to stand!

Well sorry this post is so vague. I can't express myself adequately right now. But I can say that I am indeed grateful for the guidance we receive when we follow our hearts and make choices! Its wonderful. And even if it doesn't turned as planned and we get hurt a little I hope I can get to the end of the finish line and say: Hey, look, I finished!

*To understand this habit of mine.. check out my post about fear!
Jupiter bird, over and out.
P.s. shout out to Fred/george (haven't decided which is which), tommy, and watson- which all these characters are one person.