Monday, October 4

Happy list

Things that make me happy:
1. Jupiter bird. Fred and George weasley. Tom and Jerry. Watson and Holmes. Tommy and Richard.
2. Making ginger bread houses.
3. Going into the grocier store with some children on one of those super ridiculous long carts (the ones with the benches or seats or cars in front of them). I feel like I'm gonna hit everyone and everything. They make me laugh.
4. Sorority. Lamda Delta Sigma...specifically Zeta.
5. The mountains.
6. Ninjas
7. America's funniest home video's
8. Funny moments worthy to be on America's funniest home video's.
9. Driving. Alone.
10. My family. My momma especially.
11. My dog.
12. Friends
13. Walking into the Johnson home to screams from Jane, a jumping gabe, or complete silence until they finally notice I'm there.
14. When people calm me down.
15. mornings and nights
16. sleep.
17. reading
18. Preparing for a mission
19. my ward
20. The girls I nanny + the families I help out
21. My institute classes.
22. The month of OCTOBER.
23. Fall
24. Actually getting ready
25. Eating healthy
26. My zumba class
27. Swimming at 6 in the morn!
28. Smiling even when you feel like crying.
29. Screaming. Because its fun
30. U of U campus. and Rexburg.
31. RUNNING or any type of exercise that will help me get any worry I have out!
32. Princess and the frog
33. The little girl from UP.
34. Tommy boy the movie.
I know there is more.. I just can't think

minor dislikes :
1. Stressful moments. Though I seem to always make it through
2. Saying goodbye.