Tuesday, November 9

I love......

1.Pumpkin seeds for dessert.
2. Being in Idaho for "pumpkin week"
3. laughing so much you"re abs hurt.
4. Throwing people in the air to calm them down. AKA babies.
5. My taller-than-me younger "sister."
6. Rexburg.. actually more just the people there.
7. Being the 7th roomate.
8. Sleeping in a "tunnel"
9. walking around looking good.
10. The temple
11. creeper, engagement, friend, photos at the train tracks.
12. Introducing myself as Lizzie's legendary name JESIBELLE.
13. "One of these things is not like the other."
14. punching/ beating tim baron. haha
15. watching leap year.
16. GOTHEN. experimental band. hahaha.
17. Having kall sing to all the roomates and I pratically to sleep.
18. The song kallie made about me.
19. My friends.
20. The fact that I am leaving in 4 weeks now!
21. snow!!!

Its been another great weekend in Idaho. I'm grateful for my family and friends. the end.