Wednesday, December 1

5 bags full

= a half empty closet + an empty dresser drawers.  This means I'm getting closer people. 7 days to be precise and I will be in the MTC and only 6 days till I am set apart as a missionary. Crazy, right?

 Since its become so close, so soon, people have been asking me a lot : "How do you feel?" " Are you excited?" "Does it seem weird that in about a week you will be gone?" Obviously I am super excited.. sometimes I feel like its the only emotion I feel. Except on Sunday I leaned over to my friend and said ".... I'm starting to get scared!" She said, "There is nothing to be scared about." Immediately when she said this, I was like YA RIGHT! I'm leaving my comfort zone for a whole year and a half, which includes : my bed, my separate bedroom, the convenience of having friends and family so close, etc.

Then Monday came along and this is where I get to my story. It started in the morning with reading Pres. Eryings Oct. Conference talk. It is all based around trusting in the Lord. And then later that night my ward went to Temple Square for FHE. As we were walking around out in the frigid cold we decided to go into the South Visitor center, where we found these two cute sister missionaries. When they first walk over to us I blurted out "I'm going on a mission in about a week! Where are you sisters from?" We started to talk and then I asked them if they had any advice for me. They continued talking and then one sister had me read a scripture. After I read it she asked us how we felt.. and for some reason I said I felt REALLY good! She asked me why and all this word vomit came out. She said.: "You know, when days are hard, remember that feeling you had. Remember the good you felt." Immediately I lost all fear. And realized that when days are hard we can all remember that advice: Which is to remember the good feeling that comes from living the gospel of Jesus Christ. Cool right?

Life is simply amazing! I love it, despite its constant curve balls. Remember that when we are called to do something that may take us out of our comfort zones that it is for our good. It is all part of the process of become more like our Savior. I'm so grateful!