Saturday, July 30

Friends and a story about a boy.

Friends are great. Everyone loves a friend. Friends are people we can go to for anything whether its for a good laugh, advice, love, or just plain company. In my life I've been blessed with some pretty amazing friends, people who have helped me remember who I am and my potential as a daughter of God.  I will be forever
Family made friends :)

 grateful for the friends sent in my life. Good time or bad times our friends stick with us. Lately I've been thinking a lot about friends.  Everyday we have the opportunity to make new friends and meet new people. My dad seemed to be a pro at this. Everyone we came across quickly became a new friend.
 John 15:13 Christ says: "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."
 He was willing to give everything for his friends, and He did. Now its a quick story time that I think y'all will enjoy it has to do with a cute young boy and a picture of Christ. 

This past week we were visiting a home with a cute family. The children are full of love and light. While sitting in their kitchen we enjoyed each others company as the children told stories of their summer. As it got close for us to leave their home we asked one of the children to choose a picture from the pile of pictures we had. The young boy very quickly chose the picture of Christ. We all looked at him with wonder. We asked the young boy to tell us why he chose the picture. He simple explained because it was Christ and that he loved him. We then asked him what this picture meant to this young boy. He then simply replied, "He means everything to me." Astounded by his sincerity as tears swelled up in his eyes we asked one more question: "Why does He mean everything to you." Again he simply responded that it was because Jesus died on the cross for him and loved Him. This little boy knew that Christ is his friend. He knew that in a very literal since his sins can be forgiven because of the Savior who died on the cross for him. How wonderful! I sat in awe and couldn't say anymore to this little boy who had such a powerful, real testimony of Jesus Christ.

It's true. Christ lives and just as this little boy said, I too say, "He means everything to me." You wanna know why? Because I know that because of Christ I can be happy, live in peace, and know that I am a daughter of God. I can repent of my sins and become worthy to stand in the presence of God one day. And because of him I have commandments that help me know how to live and what I need to do to become more like him: The greatest friend of all. I know that because of him we have his church on the Earth once again. Isn't that wonderful?! I love him and I love my Heavenly Father for their mercy and love.
What does Christ mean to you?

Tuesday, July 26

lose your life.

Have you ever tried looking for something and not been able to find it? Or have you tried looking for something like a house and instead gotten lost?

This has happened a few times to me throughout my life. Like last week when sister Barnes and I tried to find this ladies house (whom we didn't know) to wish her happy birthday. We drove, drove, and drove.. then come to find out her house no longer existed. Good news is we put the happy birthday card in the mailbox and maybe she'll get it some day. But the point is is that we tried looking for something we both desired and couldn't find it.

Something I've learned in my life is that each day we do things that ultimately lead to our happiness or misery. I know that serving others as Christ would is something that brings us lasting happiness.. even if we may not notice it at first. I also know that the quickest way to love someone is to serve them. As I've lived my life the more I try to do kind deeds for others the more I understand Christ and His personal love for me. Its interesting the times in my life that I've "lost" myself in service are the times when I learn more about me and who I am and who I can become.Christ tells us in Matthew 10:39 that:

 39aHe that findeth his life shall blose it: and he that closeth his dlife for my sake shall find it.

The more I live the more I find this to be true: That is we truly come to understand our relationship with our Heavenly Father as we serve others. We come to remember we are Children of God and have SO much worth as well as the people around us. It's amazing!

What can you do for the people around you to help yourself get lost in the way Christ would love and serve? I promise that this type of lost is the kind that will bring you lasting peace and joy. I know because I've experienced even just a taste of it in my life and hope to experience more.

Will you strive to "lose yourself" in the service of those around you today. Even if it's just a simple smile for someone your walking past, or a hello to someone who looks lonely. And feel free to share your experiences on here :)

Wednesday, July 13

He Hears

I'm so grateful for prayer. The simple principle behind it is that we are children of a loving Father in Heaven who wants to hear from us. He has given us prayer and the gift of the Holy Ghost so we can communicate with him everyday. It seems that I've always had a testimony of prayer, I just know that when I pray someone else is listening, someone of divinity and power. Everyday I am reminded of this as I recieve answers to my prayers whether its during my prayer or answers to prayers from years before. Its amazing.

Last week, Sister Barnes and I had a few struggles to say the least. Our car broke down about 60 miles away from our area, sister Barnes struggled from heat exhaustion, and I struggled from an allergic reaction to an ingredient in peanut butter. At one moment I went to my room and I prayed. I told Heavenly Father the struggle we were going through, that I felt alone, and that no-one knew how I felt (yes I was having a momentarily pity party). The moment I started saying those words an image came to my mind. It was a picture my 18 yr old brother had drew for me a few weeks after I left for my mission. The picture is his way of saying I love you (which doesn't happen often): the words I love you written in graffiti form on the paper barely hard to depict. As this image came to my mind I was instantly reminded that I have a loving family at home supporting me and that my Father in Heaven knows my needs and loves me more then words can describe.  At that moment God answered my prayer very quickly. He answers our prayers in his timing and when he knows will be ready and need them.

I know our prayers are answered. Sometimes it may not be how we expect but I know God answers our prayers. He calls for everyone to come to him and partake of the joy the comes from His Son. God answers our prayers through the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost speaks quietly to our minds and our hearts as I've described before in my other post about "the still voice of perfect mildness.

Prayer is simple all we need to do is address our father in heaven, give thanks, speak to Him the feelings in your hearts, questions, desires, help for others, and close in the name of Christ.

When was the last time you talked to your Father in Heaven?

Wednesday, July 6

Joy through Christ

"men are that they might have joy," 2 Ne. 2:25
Sometimes with the craziness of life its easy to forget that we were sent here to this earth to be JOYFUL. Yep, we weren't sent here to wallow in our trials, or hold grudges against those who may have caused us grief. We were sent to this earth by a loving father in Heaven who wants us to have joy. Most the time though it takes an extra effort to find joy.. and we have to be looking in the right place to have a fullness of it. 
For me JOY comes from:

living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It comes from laughing even when in the current situation I could cry.

It comes from greeting a friend I haven't seen in a while.

It come from spending time with those I love, especially my family.

It comes from taking moments to "be still" and know that there is a God in Heaven who loves me. 

remembering who I am: a daughter of a loving Father in Heaven.

Sharing the gospel with people I love.
"may God grant that your burdens be light, through joy of his Son, Alma 33:23" 
There are many ways to find joy, but I know the one way that will bring us the most exquisite joy is through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Through him we can be cleansed from our sins, be reunited with our bodies one day, and be freed from pain, sorrow, and heartache. I'm so grateful for the Savior Jesus Christ. I know that we can find joy as we live His gospel of Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the end. This is my main purpose as a missionary: to invite all to come unto Christ, through his gospel. As you do so, I know that you will find joy. 

Will you pray, read your scriptures or serve someone today so you can come to the Savior and feel of His joy?

Feel free to comment on experiences of how you've found joy through Jesus Christ.