Tuesday, January 24


I've learned that the trials and experiences we go through in life give us the oppurtunty to see things with a new perspective; opening our minds to a greater view and allow our hearts to expand a little wider; that is if we let them.

Its interesting I feel each of my classes this semester have touched on this A LOT. My creative arts teacher everyday emphasis's music/ creative arts which allow your mind to be open and your perspective to change. My Human developement class teaches of the human mind/ body and how it grows throughout the years. My teaching class teaches the role of teachers and how the help those around them develope and how we are to be consistantly learning. And I could go on..

Since I've been home for some odd reason I resovled that I want to be a teacher.. which is contradictory to what I ever wanted to end up doing single heartly. I always wanted to be a doctor/ health science major, someone who could help others with their health. Well my mind was opened and quickly changed when I dealt with so many doctors, etc. while I was on my mission and coming home.

So there ya have it... I'm yet another sterotypical utah-girl wanna be teacher. And you think after my class today I would decide otherwise considering what we learned about (the dedication and pay-rate teachers give/recieve).. but it just made me want to do it more!

"To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring." -George Santayana

Change is great people.. it allows us to understand more fully who we are and what we can become. So instead of complaining or freaking out about having to step out of our comfort zones every now and then, embrace change with the oppurtunity to learn even more, (cheesy, right? I'm returning to my "sparkly," cheesy, adventurous self, each new day)! WOOHOO.

Speaking of change.. after 4 years of growing my hair, I finally chopped it off. So in the matter of about 2 weeks I moved to Logan, got 5 new roomates, had to adjust to 5 new classes, new ward: adjust back to the life of a singles ward, new freeezzing cold weather, new friends, and decided to chop my hair off. Its been a great past couple of weeks!

abby and I at the ogden hot springs!