Tuesday, February 7

just a little bit of the heart.

Anyone whos grown up with me or now knows me, knows I love avdventure. I love it. I've even posted about it many times. Whether its the desire to climb a super steep mountain so I can get to the top, jump in a freezing cold lake, play games safari in my front yard (one of my favorites when I was little), you name it I like the risk of doing something that will be challenging.

Sometimes though those challenges come with out me volunteerly saying "HEY I wanna do that!!" This is something I'm learning with my current situation. Suprisingly though I'm learning more about adventure then ever before. The courage it takes to try again, even when once again you've fallen.

Something I'm grateful for latley is the simple things like love, expressions of the heart, and nature.

-I'm grateful for my mom. I can't express how much she has been the friend I've needed during these past couple months of uncertainty and confusion. She's helped me understand that I don't always have to explain myself. Not to mention she's always good at helping me remember everything will be okay.. even when all I want to see is the moment of pain and nothing else.

-I'm grateful for the example of my Dad. His example of love and endurance has helped me each day I feel like I'm too weak to do the things I love. He always kept going even when he was too weak to continue forward, even if it was just talking about his dreams and desires.

-The example of friends who are going through even harder times. Like Jayden Moss, and the perspective she has. She truly is a hero of mine, with the goals, dreams and values to reaches towards even when it times it may be hard.

-Dance, guitar, and painting. How grateful I am for moments when I can express myself with out words.. because as you can tell, I'm not the best at it.

-And who doesn't love nature?

Kinda a random post. But just thought I would share a little on my heart today.