Wednesday, March 14

"FOR a little respect. Just a little bit. just a little bit."

So you remember in my last post how I talked about how adventure can be the courage to keep trying even when you can't help but fall, fall, and fall again? Well the past couple days I learned that it may even be more of an adventure to muster up to courage to stop doing something you've become very comfortable with. Like a perpetual habit of biting you nails.*

The past couple days I was reminded of the word RESPECT: kindness. honor. acknowledgement of worth or excellence.

I've always known that people come into our lives for a reason. As I was flying back to good ol' Utah today.** I had the opportunity to sit next to a very inspired man. He asked me the simple question "do you respect yourself?" It took me off guard but really made me reflect if I really did respect myself. The decisions I've been making: like snowboarding all day when I know i don't quite have the strength or just simply being too active for my body which is still healing.

 I'm gonna have more acceptance for what's come into my life and let go of my past perceptions. R E S P E C T. Not only for others but for myself. Because, I know I am important. Just as you are too.

So adventure number 4,000 million hundred in my life: acceptance of change and allowing to be okay with the need to change behavior in order to reflect my worth in who I am.

What's your next adventure?. It may not be as cool as mine!! LIKE........ HOLDING A BABY PANDA..

*Struggle in my life.. don't worry I'm getting over it though.
**Flew from LAX.. from spring break.