Friday, July 27

"run away..and never return."

Have you ever experienced something really painful, scary, or not very pleasant that has caused you to flinch, shrink down, or even run away for safety?

Well I have. Actually as much as I say I love adventure.. for some reason at times I tend to get frightened of it. Especially when too much risk is involved. I remember the days I did cheer when we would have to do lots of push-ups in a row during practice. It would burn and I remember feeling pain while doing so. I dreaded this part of practice. Every time we did it though I would sing a song: "Nearer my God to thee," I know, your probably thinking I'm silly but its the only way I could get through it with out tears and giving up. Oh I forgot to mention if we didn't do a push-up or not full out we would cause the whole team to do more- and I did not want that on my shoulders.

Recently though I've had a few things I'm facing that I've really wanted to shrink down from or full out run away. This is something I've seemed to master for the past 15 years of my life. Its become easy to me. I just go to a happy place and everything becomes okay again. 
This past week though my ways have been altered and I've been challenged to try to new way. It was the final breaking moment and I was doing what I do best: run, when all of a sudden my mom stood in front of me and said with much emotion, "why are YOU running?" I threw everything down and walked back inside and cried hard. 

I learned that running is good, though I've always ran the wrong direction: away. Instead I need to run forward- and even sometimes walk, crawl, or jump. As we face our trials, fears, tragedies, weaknesses, or whatever it may be with confidence, faith, and trust we will grow. We will find true happiness. After my minor breakdown and realization, I've experienced some of my greatest peace and calmness within the past year. Not to mention joy and quality time with those I love.
 Joy in dressing however I want.

Hiking with two adorable 4 years olds. Which took time, patience, and love. They taught me more about facing my fears than anyone.

Being in NATURE. With people I love. 

So when its tempting to listen to that voice to "RUNAWAY and NEVER RETURN," remember the joy that comes from facing truth, fears, weaknesses, etc. once you overcome, which you will, no matter how many times you fall :).

Wednesday, July 25

"A more excellent way,"

I found this post in my "drafts" this morning.
                                It was a post I started about a year ago while on my mission in Tennessee.
As you watch, consider those things that really make you happy in life.


I know that no matter what were going through we can find happiness 
and it comes through Jesus Christ. I'm thankful for this knowledge.

Sunday, July 1

"Here comes the sun...

it's alright."

My roomates are convinced that I am the ultimate Hippie. I'm writing this after long ado of my roomates claiming I'm a hippie, I'm here to argue otherwise, here are their comments:
1. I wear bright purple spandex while exercising.
2. My vocabulary consit of: rainbows, colon cleanse, herbs, etc.
3. I think yams are a appropriate subsititute for chicken.
4. When I look up recipes I look them up by their cleansing properties.
5. Quionoa "nough said," states Dani.
6. Mac and Chrease, "nough said," stated again.
7.I read my horoscope daily and saves fortunes from all my fortune cookies. Even Dove Chocolate can be inspirational.
8.I try to harness the positive energy of the earth. Says Dani once again.
9. I drink way too much herbal tea, "she wanted to harvest moss from the lake," Dani and Karli
10. A butterfly almost "emerged into my soul."
11. I love vegetables.
12. barefoot is the new shoe of the day.
13. "Allie thinks crocs are trendy."
14. I speak to the trees and even the fish so they wont bite Karli's feet.
15. Bean fudge "nough said," Dani
16. Sometimes my imagination is like I'm on drugs. (don't worry I've never had any, just creative thats all).
17. "She talks to the people at the check-out like their her best friends."
18. Sometimes I don't like wearing bras- too much restriction and shaving my legs takes way too much time.
19. Nature is great.

So here is the start to the list of my roomates of why I am "hippie." Though they have made all these statements I'm here to argue that these don't neccisarly mean I'm a "hippie," just me thats all. Also I'm sorry if you learned more about me if you wished to from reading this.