Monday, September 10

some people like yams.

my yams. Helene's chocolate/sour patch kids.

What is this? Sometimes as humans we get hungry and need a snack. I pretty much am hungry for a snack every 2 hrs. or less. So naturally before church I am scrambling to grab something I can snack on during the 3 hr. or 2 hr block. yesterday it so happened that I had pre-cooked yams in my fridge. I actually got a little excited and grabbed them. Yep that was my decision... yams for my snack. I know, weird. I think you should have caught on by now that I'm just a little weird, its okay though.

Maybe one day I will explain why I like this vegetable so much. It's just so good. And have you ever noticed how when purchasing yams in the store they look like little seals? Look for it next time, it may make you laugh.. or roll your eyes. I know I was hysterical at how funny it was, though it was also 7 am when I discovered this at Dan's with my dear friend Merinda (we're morning people).

Wednesday, September 5

"that's my favorite."

I'm known for the phrase "that's my favorite," to come out of my mouth often.

Some people take this as a insincere way of agreeing with everything.. though honestly for some reason lots of things make me happy. Or in other words make it on my "that's my favorite," list. 

I've had a few new ones enter into my life recently:

-Starbucks half steamer (soy milk) and African Autumn tea (herbal) with a little nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla. Literally fall in a cup. You have to specifically ask for it.. because its not normal. :) My friend and I made it up one day with one of the ladies.

-Zumba. Okay so this isn't so new, but its new for about a year and a half. I haven't been able to do this type of intense exercise for a while now. And being able to go to the same old classes and see the people I've grown to love is a blessing.

-Fall. I love being able to wear sweaters again and go on walk in the mid-day w/out sweating.

-Chocolate. Okay so normally this is not my favorite.. but recently I've really liked it. I blame Lizzy. (yes you Elizabeth Cosper).

-Sharing closets with Helene Nance. Yes I have a shelf in her closet and 1/8th of her clothes are in the back of my car (3 pants, a dress, 2 shirts). 

-pretending like you've known someone for a long time.. when all reality you've never met them.

-re-organizing my life and being okay with a little mess here and there. Okay so this is not normal. Normally everything is VERY nicely put together (at least in my mind) but recently I've had to be okay with just letting things be a little messy till time sorts things out.


- The color GREEN. Yes, shocking (at least to me). I've always thought this was a boy color. But I feel I'm surrounded by this color daily, and I've come to love it. 

Yep. there is a just few of my favrites. maybe one day I'll make a longer list of all my favorites.

Life is meant for us to be happy and then for us to spread that happiness.

What makes you happy?

Saturday, September 1

Good things to come.

I don't really know whether to start this post off with a story or a qoute, my thoughts seem a little mixed together this morning.

I've really been blessed these past couple weeks with guidance, love, and insight. Whether that was through prayer, my mom, family members, or friends.

When life gets tough my dad always says "keep your chin up Allie, Move forward and don't look back." I'm thankful for this advice, its really helped within the past year and past month. Despite the constant stream of challenge I'm thankful that through the Savior Jesus Christ our "storms," can be stilled and we can find hope, peace, and encouragement.

Its almost been a year since I've returned from my assigned 18 month mission** to Nashville, TN. A lot has changed since then.
The picture with the temple was the day I flew home (sept 2011). The picture next to it oct 2011.

(me in the middle) aug 2012
(me in the green shirt) aug 2012

About a year ago my body could only tolerate eating broth, only cooked veggies, eggs, coconut water, and apple sauce. Let alone physical activity was a challenge, especially meeting with people. Thankfully I can now eat any gluten free grain, vegetables, fruit, meat, and even some dairy like yogurt. Its definitely been a roller coaster and at moments the thoughts of moving forward seemed impossible. Some days my body would be fine and other days I couldn't even seem to walk or function. I learned to appreciate the little things like: being able to walk, have normal conversations with people, being able to smile with out it taking too much energy, being able to laugh with out feeling tired after, and just simply the ability to be myself. I'm still not 100% healthy but I'm thankful that through ups and downs I'm further than I was a year ago, and that's all that counts.

So in moments when life seems pretty hopeless, remember what my dad always says "Keep your chin-up. Keep moving forward and never look back. You're doing great hoochie momma."

or as Elder Holland (an apostle of Jesus Christ) puts it  “Don’t give up, boy. Don’t you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead—a lot of it—30 years of it now, and still counting. You keep your chin up. It will be all right in the end. Trust God and believe in good things to come."

Trials in life are inevitable. They help us recognize and appreciate the things that really matter. But I understand moments of feeling overwhelmed. In those moments don't give up. Keep moving forward. And know that God loves you.