Wednesday, October 24

sharks and safety

Yesterday I was watching this cute little 3 yr old girl..

Being with children my whole life through cousins, babysitting, nannying, various jobs/classes... you soon come to understand that with children almost any topic can be brought up in the most random of ways.. I love it.

While we were coloring Little Mermaid pictures somehow to topics of getting attacked by a shark came up. I asked the little girl what she would do if a Shark was about to attack her.. and she simply said I would grab a big person's hand then I'd be safe..

It made me smile. Smile at the fact that I wasn't quite sure how this topic got brought up, and then smile that her answer was so sweet and simple.

It made me think of this one time I was walking into a pretty scary, sad, and uncertain situation. Luckily I had my sister by my side that I could grab her hand and together we were safe. I'm thankful for that "big" person I had to hold my hand in a moment I needed it most.

Love you Annie.

So if I was about to get attacked by a shark or maybe walk down a scary dark hallway I would grab a "big" person's hand too.. then I'd be safe.

Tuesday, October 23

276 months

276 months doesn't seem too long.

200 months roughly spent centered around school, learning, and growing.

9 1/2 months of serving the Lord as a full-time missionary

132 months of learning how to express my self through various types of dance: ballet, jazz, hip-hop, modern.. you name it.

12 months of tumbling and cheer

5 months of training for a marathon

 204 months roughly spent living with 4 of my best friends: Robyn, Annie, Cody, Colton; all at the same time.. though we didn't really know it then. that took the full 276 months plus that to realize that.

276 months filled with;

4 cats, 5 dogs, 4 fish, 4 birds........

5 thousand million smiles.

maybe match that with tears of joy, pain, sorrow, and frustration

A mother who sacrifices all she knows how to help her children..

memories of camping, biking, swimming, geocashing with best friends, sleepovers,

making mistakes

Learning from those mistakes.

Learning how to keep myself healthy.





Laughing with brothers and sisters

Laughing with friends.

Of loving and being loved.

228 months filled with a father who supported, loved, and taught me how to talk to a complete stranger like their my best friend.

yep I'm 276 months old. I'm thankful for everyone who's been a part of every month whether it was just a minute, 2 weeks, or 23 years. I love you.



calm exuberance





frustrating patience

Tuesday, October 9

"I hope you appreciate your mom"

One day at work this lady and her two kids handed their things over to me to purchase ( I work at a store where you can purchase school supplies, toys, games,maps, and lots of happiness in my mind). Her kids beamed as they each had picked out two pencils they loved. When I rung them up.. the mom was stunned at the price, as said "you two better not loose these pencils." As she said this I looked at them and said "I hope you realize what a great mom you have and hopefully you appreciate her." I do NOT know what possessed me to say this. The mom smiled...

Just as I said this my cute little mom walked in the store with a bowl full of gluten free spaghetti she had made for dinner. I walked towards her and gave her a hug and explained to the family that this was my mom. The lady then looked at me and smiled and said " I hope YOU appreciate your mom."

It was a moment where I felt like, even though I didn't know it, I was chastising myself to appreciate my mom. I'm thankful for those little reminders we have, and this one was definitely a perfect one. I'm so blessed to have a mom who supports and loves me in everyway. Though shes not perfect, she loves me with all her heart, and I'm thankful everyday for that. Thanks mom, I really do appreciate you.

When was the last time you told those you loved you appreciate them?

Nature cont'd: TREES.

Tall. Short. Strong. Deeply rooted. Green.

I love trees and always have from the strength of them, their shapes and size as well as their vibrant colors.

These past couple weeks with moving back home to Salt Lake I've been very intrigued with how brightly green they are. While still on the path to good health some days are spent just sitting outside, walking, or reading while laid out on my grass. I remember one day looking up and feeling surrounded by the color green. There is something about this moment that I felt, even though my situation was unpredictable, safe and protected. I felt in that moment that my life was stable and would be okay. It was a great feeling. And everyday since then I loved looking around and feeling as if I was embraced with protection and stability (cheesy, right).

The other day though I was driving to one of my many activities I seem to pile on.. and had the thought that soon all the green would be gone. I got a little sad. This has NEVER happened. I've always loved fall and the beautiful colors. And then it hit me.. change is beautiful. That simple. Though its nice to always feel stable, safe and protected.. like everything will be perfect.. its important to have change. Its inevitable. We need it. Without it, we too couldn't grow tall and deeply rooted like the tree does each year as it goes from change to change.

enjoying the fresh air. And trees.