Wednesday, December 25

"Don't be afraid, I will hold you up." Isaiah 41:10

Never before have I learned the truthfulness of this quote till now.

 Do you ever feel like you are just fighting... constantly fighting for something more. That is how I have felt these past couple weeks. With the end of one of my hardest semesters yet just last week I feel blessed, to even be here in this moment and done with it all... at least that's what I thought (my teachers going to let me make up a few assignments to hopefully help me pass his class).

Since being in school since I came back from my mission 2 years ago really sick, its been a struggle and fight. I have no idea how I even managed good grades when I moved up to Logan just 3 months after being home and trying to figure out my new diet. After two semesters at USU I figured I should probably go home for a little while to try to balance my health for a few months. With all my family and friends hoping that I would just give in a finally go to the U.. I had it in my mind to try USU one more time ( I guess I wanted to prove that I really could balance my health while being in school and away from home). It was another struggle of a semester which ended in me finalizing my application to the U for fall 2013.

When moving back to Salt Lake for good.. I knew it would be better for my health and fiances overall. But I guess sometimes I didn't expect the constant struggle I feel I have. Most people, I feel, can go through school/ life in a breeze. They just natural get how to balance their health, school, work, friends, homework, exercise, etc. Or at least that's what I think. But maybe the truth is we are all trying to struggle and fight something, even if its not visible.

This past semester I switched jobs half way through. Which has been such a huge blessing but definitely mentally challenging considering all I've ever done in my life is nanny.. oh and we'll count those 3 months I worked at Baskin Robins too. With that I had a professor that didn't seem so tough till I managed to quickly fail his classes I had- who would have thought a family class could be so hard? And we wont even go into details with the dating realm.. mostly I've been in the process of no longer dating the same guy I tend to attract to over and over again (good thing I have friends who are fed up with it too and are helping me say NO). Not to mention the anger I've been and am working through. I never realized how much I've bottled up inside till now. the struggles, I feel these past couple years I can honestly say I've seen so much growth. While talking with my Aunt the other day she said "you've sure come a long way Allie." She was saying this towards my health and the strength I've developed. It's amazing the strength that comes through struggle. Not only strength but the appreciation, love, and discovery for myself. I have so much more respect for who I am than ever before. I know better what I can and cannot do, and I don't beat myself up when I can't run the 10 miles I so easily could do 3 years ago (okay lets be honest I could push through it because I'm stubborn.. but I know its not the best decision for me). And lastly I had to put to test my old motto of finding joy in the journey, when at times joy seemed far from what I was experiencing.

How have I managed this?
-Encouragement from friends and family
-Laughing at my mistakes.
-Trying again even though I managed to fail too many times to count
-Changed old habits
-Tried spending more time with my family.
-I've done better at trusting myself
-Yoga and Zumba have helped in many ways.
-I've done better at communicating and participating with my teachers and in my classes. Something I've always been really bad at.
-decided that I'm going to focus on the good that is possible in my future instead of wallowing in the fact that sometimes I feel so helpless and hopeless (especially when for the 15th time I've eaten something I know I shouldn't have... or when my clumsy self ran into someone full speed causing weakness).
-I've tried to be nicer to myself when I do mess up (which I do a lot turns out) and realize I can try again and that its not the end of the world.

During the break I will try to post some pictures of my last semesters and the fun times I've had. :) Love you!

Isaiah            "...That's when I carried you."

Sunday, November 24

Ooh Child.

This post and these words have been sitting in the back of my mind and the bottom of my heart for the past week and a half.

It all started in the midst of a really hectic week and feeling like giving up in school (and much more that I'm trying to work through).

One Thursday I went to my regular volunteer hours at this center with children whose parents are working through substance abuse and other things. There are three different age groups the youngest, younger, and then the oldest (normally preschool age). Every week I go I head straight to the baby section-I've seriously grown to love these kids and am sad when I have to miss a time to see them. That day though, was a little different and they needed me instead with the preschool aged kids. As I walked into the room where they were it was pure chaos. A teacher was trying to teach them about feelings and each child had to act out different feelings. But instead they would listen for 5 seconds and then quickly be distracted by something like scooting  all across the floor. Their behavior matched how I felt about my week and at times my life- a little out of control and many failed attempts to stay focused (okay maybe not that dramatic.. but its how I've felt with school and keeping my health in check).

They time I spent with them seemed to go by fast that day. It was getting close to me leaving and also the kids going down for nap time. During this time we read them a book or scratch their backs to help them fall asleep. I chose to sit by one of the girls who was having a bit of a rough day-she had just gotten really mad at one of the teachers. While I was sitting there tickling her back and playing with her hair, to help comfort her, I had a moment that really caused me to pause and feel peace.

You see these kids come from instability and hard lives already at such a young age. There is something about them that holds a special place in my heart. Being with them always causes a heart full of gratitude for life and its simplicity of beauty.

As I was sitting with her an old song "ooh child things are going to get easier," came on. It really hit me for some reason. And I could feel it for these children who don't necessarily have the best situation. The message of the song talks about a bright future. For me it is a message is of hope. I don't necessarily believe life is easy or will get magically easier for this girl (or even for me for that matter). But I believe that there is a bright future for us all and that there are things in our life that do make it easier. That "easier" I feel comes through love. It comes from the support of those around you reminding you that if you feel like you're drownign all you gotta do is "the back stroke." It comes from the sweet advice from a friend to steer clear of something that could be dangerous. It comes in the strength and resilence that comes from experiencing tough stuff for future tough stuff that comes.

And most importantly it comes from a Savior who died and lives for us today. Because of him and his gospel life can be easier (not particularly perfectly smooth all the time-but peaceful admits darkness). Because of him things will be brighter and are brighter. I'm thankful for Jesus. I'm thankful to have a knowledge of him. I'm thankful to know he loves me and that he loves you too (because it helps me be kind in moments when its hard).

So if things feel a little hectic or out of control.. just remember things can be easier... and sometimes we tend to make things a little harder than what they need to (I know I do that often).

So here is to a brighter week and hopefully a cheerful one too!

Thursday, October 10


Overload is an understatement.
Overload of learning.
Overload of expectations.
Overload of trying to overcome.
Overload of just trying to be me.
Overload of thinking.

One two three. Breath.
Ya, that's what I've tried to tell myself this past week.
If you've read my blog in the past you've probably come across something
of how I love running. Maybe sometimes faster than my body really can till I run it down
to the point where only my thoughts can run; circles and circles around my head they run.
Then my thoughts are running so fast that I can't even spit them out because the energy to spit
them out is long gone from running too fast in the first place.

I've been trying to work through a lot of these old running habits. I've learned that running in general
isn't really good for you- at least thats what my massage therapist keeps telling me and even the scriptures remind me to not run faster than I have strength. And you may think I'm talking about the real physical running I used to engross close to 3 hours of my time a day in. But no, I'm talking about the race of life. Since hitting my lowest point of sickness with in these last 3-2 years I've slowly been working my way back to regular day to day tasks. Its been hard and at the beginning, I'll be honest, I failed a lot. I tried to run the same speed I did before I got sick.. which led me to the whole reason why I got sick in the first place... running running running, with out taking time to acknowledge my body was trying to tell me there was something more going on inside than all the tasks and expectations I put on my to-do list.

This past week in my Yoga class (and other moments of prayer and meditation) I had the most enlightening and hard hitting moment... We were in a certain vinyasa and the teacher said "its important to go slow. doing this will help you figure it out." She was talking about the certain move we were practicing but it hit me deeper than the words were intended for. It reminded me as I slow down I'll figure things out. Things will be okay and I'll be okay. I'll be safe, and not running full speed to wreck into an object right in front of me (true story of my soccer happenings last week).

Things take time. Learning takes time. Dreams and goals that are realistic take time. Obstacles to overcome take time. Trying to be true to me every second of the day takes time. Living up to the expectations God has for me, takes time (and he knows that.. that's why he's provided means to met those: Faith, Repentance, etc.). Being firm in thought and mind takes time.
I like this quote..

So I'm going to takes things slow and in time I'll figure them out.

Which I forgot to mention.. I'm finally a senior in college and will hopefully be applying to grad school this next fall! Hopefully I can learn this whole slow down thing in the process so I can be a successful student and most importantly friend, daughter, sister, etc.

Much love and happiness!

Tuesday, July 2

sometimes I'm considered weird.

Okay maybe most the time.

Everyone is in their own way. Like for me, drinking Mountain Dew that has ingredients you have no idea what they are let alone how to pronounce them, is weird, let alone toxic. But I'm sure to others, being perfectly happy with eating a plain yam with nothing on it (cooked of course), is simply weird and obsessive (at least slightly in my case, I've gotten better). I'm fine with that, its all about perspective, right?

This isn't why I wanted to write this post though. I was thinking this morning on where I've come from (not geographically) within this past year. I've grown a lot. I guess there comes a point where you kinda have to and you have no choice.

Having a chronic disease or any type of chronic pain, you really have to be open and adventurous when it comes to figuring out how to find things that will help you feel better (especially when it is day 7, you've gotten perfect sleep, and you're still fatigued/tired). I've learned a lot of little techniques that help and I decided that I'm going to share them with you this next week-because who doesn't want or desire better health.

On today's: "Allie's little helpful tips for healthy living," ... okay not really. To the point, tip #1.

It all comes down to the basics. I know. We here it a lot. But basic, simple stuff really is all we need for a good foundation. Even Christ teaches us that in the scriptures.

What are the basics? 
1. Keep yourself in environements that are going to add to you and not take away.
Believe me, I've learned this the hard way. I guess you can interpret this how you please. It call comes down to being sensitive to the signals your body gives you. If you have a headache being around too many negative things, maybe that is a sign to get out.
2. Get good sleep.
Ya ya. Some people say they only need 6 hours of sleep, some four. Honestly I believe sleep is the best thing ever for healing your body and rejuvenating it for a new day.  You will come to learn how much your body needs: whether you get too much or too little. But good sleep isn't just about how much sleep you get, its also about the quality. I'll be posting more sources and stuff to read about this later.
3. Eat nutrition your body needs. 
I'm pretty sure your body will be just fine with out the loads of sugar we tend to crave and consume (which is just your body telling you, you are missing some type of nutrient: vitamins, minerals, etc.), so put the peice of cake down, you'll be fine I promise. But really, our bodies need just the basic nutrients. Meat (sparingly.. there are two extremes-none and too much..all in all every body is different in what it needs), veggies, fruit, and water. That is just the basics people.
4. Be positive and try to find things to be grateful for.
You have no idea how beneficial this is until you try it. I promise you it will improve your health in ways you will never understand.

Those are just some of the basics. But look forward to other blog post with recipes that have helped me, the journey of learning how to make my own essential oils, and so much more. yay! And it you really could care less about any of this.. then you don't have to read. I'm mostly writing this for maybe one person out there who maybe needs a little extra help. And if you have any suggestions and what you'd like to know more about.. feel free to comment and I'll see if I have anything to share!

flow little faucet, please.

Have you ever felt a complete drain of creative juices? A blockage; No leak at all. Like a faucet, that when you turn on no water comes out; you hit it thinking maybe something will come out, a drop.. but nothing. Okay you haven't? Well I sure have these past couple of weeks.. hence why I haven't really had any post and when I do they're not that great nor inspiring.

I sit down to write something to sing with my guitar, come up with some new tunes.. nothing; actually to be honest, I'm so tense that I end up breaking the guitar strings just by trying to tune it. All the emotions are just sitting there wanting to come out but like the water in the faucet that wont flow out, they just sit there bottling up. Spinning, stirring, panicking, and then all of a sudden a day like today comes. The sunlight somehow draws out the water or in my case my feelings and I feel a little free again. Sure its may not be a huge stream of water like when you go to a fountain and its a consistent flow of gentle waves. But its a stream of little drops. And to be quite frank again, I'm at least thankful for that. I had a few ideas come this morning though.

As I've mentioned many times before.. (or maybe haven't), life is hard. Plain simple hard. Tough. Rocky. But I've come to learn that that's really what makes life so beautiful. Mostly due to the fact that we are not alone in the hard, sticky, sometimes uncomprehendable (pretty sure thats not a word.. but I'm going to flow with it) moments of our life. Because the truth is there are people everywhere surrounding us who have been through or are going through something just as hard, sticky, and uncertain as we are. These people can provide us with support, love, and encouragement to keep going.

This is why I try to express myself I guess: through this blog, speaking face to face, whatever is the source.. so that maybe I can provide a helping hand to someone who may need a little extra strength. And maybe by raising my voice no one will really care or even need an extra hand. But hopefully I can live to inspire or help maybe just one person to repay all the inspiration and help that's been given to me. Especially with in this past 2 years of trying to figure out how to balance my somewhat confusing health.. Which I'm going to post more helpful things I've learned in how to do so.

So there you go.. a little droplet of creativity. Not much, but I'm thankful for what it is.

This picture was taken last fall

Tuesday, May 21

hands-up stands-up

Best game ever right?

For those of you who don't know this joyful game I will explain. Its quite simple:
You have a person who calls the type of hand stand you do- this person is also the judge of who wins
You have the people who perform the handstands.
You have different types of handstands like; pencil, genie in a bottle, popcorn, etc.

Naturally Colton (my 16 yr old bro.) and I were bored yesterday (the two children in our family who are the most likely to have ADHD). So what do we do in the process of like 40 min.? Play basketball, frisbee, hands-up stands-up, run to the store to get chocolate-don't ask, and have my mom take pictures of us to see who jumps higher. Talk about inability to focus. But we had fun, so that's all that matters right?

My favorite was the hands-up stands-up game.. the only problem was we forgot all the different ones you can do... so we need your help.. for all you hands up stands up players, please help us remember all the ones you can do. We'd appreciate it!

Happy summer playing y'all!
we got a little carried away. Also please notice the good outfit that evolved yesterday :)

kindness and smiles

So often our kind deeds are the product of a kind deed from someone else. I'm so thankful for the kindness that others have shown me in my life. My little-not so little- 16 yr old brother showed this to me yesterday after not having the most happiest day. This was actually the 3rd thing he showed me-telling me each time, "I know this will make you happy Allie, watch this."

There is something about kindness and service that really does make you happy. I'm not a huge crier for some reason.. especially while watching movies.. but for some reason this brought tears to my eyes.

Mostly because I know my brother didn't have the best day yesterday either. But I watched how he became happier as he tried to make me happy.

That's the magic with kindness. As we do small acts of kindness it seems to cause this fire of happiness in your heart; you forget the sadness, frustration, or tragedy (even if that tragedy is that someone ate the leftovers you put in your fridge hoping no one would eat it).

Has this ever happened to you? Or seen how doing something kind for someone changes something inside you or even the person you do the act for?

Thursday, May 16


Remember that one post I wrote about change, broken things, or even about cheeriness?
Remember how sometimes unexpected things happen and we just have to go with the flow?
Remember how sometimes sad things happen but we can still choose happiness?

I do.

These things seem to happen often in my life and you think I would get used to it by now, but its still a shock every time. Needless to say I've learned that you just have to trust God and know that all will work out for the better.

I'm reminded of these scriptures where Christ is speaking:

"Fear not; for I am with thee" -Isaiah 43:5

Doctrine and Covenants 6:
 34 Therefore, fear not, little aflock; do good; let earth and hell combine against you, for if ye are bbuilt upon my rock, they cannot prevail.
36 aLook unto me in every bthought; cdoubt not, fear not.

And then lastly another scripture speaking of the comfort of Christ through his Spirit:
 "Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God." 2 Corinthians 1:4

These past two years have certainly been a journey of better health since I stepped off the airplane from serving an LDS mission. Each year presented new angles to understand what was going on health wise.. the underlying factor that I have Celiacs Disease.. but as we dug deeper I saw new parts of my heart I forgot were there. I was reminded of many things that were contributing to my health and lets just say it wasn't a very pretty sight. It's been scary at times and very unpredictable.

I can say, despite the unpredictability there has been a few certain things and that is:
1. My family is and always will be my biggest support system. I am so thankful for the support I've had from them. Family really is amazing and I'm thankful I have a mom who knows just what to say in uncertain moments and siblings who know just how to make me smile in moments of darkness. 
2. The gospel of Jesus Christ provides healing no doctor, therapist, or even food can conjure up. I'm so thankful for the scriptures that provide me strength and remind me of the Savior's power to heal. As well as the power of prayer to help me when I just can't seem to want to go any further or to express thanks for moments of overcoming.
3. Nature. 
4. I have amazing friends who really care and have been there for me in moments where I'm not my prettiest. 

Thank you, everyone of you, who has reached out in one way or another.

Its been a good journey and am sure it will continue. But I'm happy to say I'm feeling better than ever before.

I guess the point of this was to say to those who may be going through moments of uncertainty, pain, or even just the day to day stress life brings, remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and life really is meant to be joyous and happy. 

And just to make this post a little longer (because I know how much you love to read these)..
I've been accepted to the University of Utah :) So I'm finally gonna be a Ute after the many years of pretend. I'm so happy and thankful to be closer to home and will be able to graduate in about a year! Go team!

Wednesday, April 17

You want to write a paper about what? ...


That's right, write a paper about play. My major* is so in my field of knowledge of interest and ability.

My teacher assigned us to write a paper about playing. The assignment included taking 2 separate times to play for 15 minutes. What is play you may ask? Here is a brief definition of what it could include:  pleasurable and enjoyable, no extrinsic goals, spontaneous and voluntary, active engagement, and make-believe. 

Since this is mostly what I do all the time, doing this assignment was like giving me a yam during snack time (remember that one time of how I explained my weird love for this orange root vegetable). Lets just say I was pleasantly excited. Despite how I've become close to professional at playing (especially make believe), writing this paper made me realize how much playing really does benefit us as growing, developing individuals. 

Here is an excerpt from my paper that really made me open my eyes and see just how thankful I am for moments when I get to play. 

            "    Playing provides room to grow and develop cognitively, as we learned in class today. Playing can help you stay balanced because it helps keep you in a “life doesn't need to be a big hurry,” frame of mind. It’s a good way to help relieve stress and can help you better connect with your children. For the past 7 years I've been a nanny for 5+ different families in my hometown. Dropping my worries of school, dating, family, or whatever it was, to play with the children I tended for always heightened my ability to cope and handle situations more maturely. It helped me to literally take a “time-out” from all I needed to do and just relax; which I soon came to find as I allowed myself to relax and let go of tension, I was able to perform more efficiently and use my mind more effectively.  " 

Not only is playing fun for children or adults, it is an important factor in proper cognitive development. Which I feel is just as important for adults because we too are still developing and growing. It was an eye opener because I'm always told that I just need to relax and stop worrying.. little did I know my playful child-like nature already allowed me to do this. 

So people, find yourself caught up in the worries and stresses of life? GO PLAY!   With you kids, with your friends, or by yourself. 

make believe play?
soccer play/football play!

*Human development and Family studies is my major :)

Sunday, March 31

Glad you're here Colt 45

Those who know football may know that name... for me I have no idea really besides the fact that's what my Dad called my little brother.

Alan Colton David Vincent

Yep. That's my soon to be 16yr old brothers full name. I just call him bud. He's always been my little bud.

He is the youngest of my 4 other siblings and I. Lucky for him that made him the most spoiled, the brunt of every joke, and of course the most picked on. Though, I must say, despite all that, he managed to be the most loving, the goofiest, and can dish it back as much as he gets teased himself.

Favorite memories:
-When he was younger he would get really angry at times.. not just the "I'm never going to talk to you again," but "I'm so mad at you let me just throw this golf picker upper at your face." Fits of rage. One time he got so made he threw my pet rock at my friends face; breaking her tooth in half (shout out Sara).
-Colton always had really long hair from the age 2-6. One time my grandma was cutting his long long locks and the choppers broke. Picture this: A little boy with half his head shaved the other half long curly locks. He went the whole weekend with his hair like that.
- Going to watch Colt play football was always a joy.

Favorite qaulities:
Colton Vincent is probably one the most loving little boys (not so little anymore) I know. His heart is so tender and so big. Despite the loses he's had throughout his life he always seems to keep a smile on his face and be the goof of the party.

Him and I have always been two peas in a pod. We could be twins in every way.. our personalities, looks, and how we manage to be the joke of the party. I love him and am so proud of who is!

LOVE YOU little Brother! Happy Birthday (3 days in advance).

 Can you see what a ham he is? Love this little/big guy!

Thursday, February 28

hey, you there...sure love ya.

"People used to listen to their hearts. Now they just listen to media. Hey, you, yeah-you, grocery shopping with your headphones in. I thought someone should tell you that lonely isn't that cool. And hey, I think you're kinda cute and I probably woulda told you so if you weren't so absorbed in whatever indie {band} you're litening to. And you my eyes are screaming at you, but you're thumbing through instagram, and then facebook and then.. What is it that scares you about giving me your undivided attention? I'm worth it, you know. And so are you. You're just looking at the past, and I'm right here, living and breathing,, right in front of you.. guess it's not enough."
-my very talented writer friend

You might see where this post is going. I've been thinking a lot about social things-specifically social media- latley. Sometimes I feel its so hard to fit in with my peers around me if I don't have my facebook or instagram pulled out while eating dinner together; or even while trying to just have a conversation with them.

I'm thankful for media, don't get me wrong. It's a blessing to stay connected with people I otherwise wouldn't be. Maybe I am just biased because I don't have an I-Phone or smart phone to connect me to these things. And don't worry I spend at least 15 min. on facebook a day. Lastly, yes, you are reading the living evidence of my blog (just another tool to express myself I guess).

What I've been thinking about/trying to say is I would like it if people were more present with what was going on around them. I'm not perfect at this.. believe me.. But being a family studies/human development major in school, I'm really interested in relationships. I love studying people and how they interact with other people.

We are so blessed to have other people in our lives: family, friends, aquaintances, co-workers, passer-bys, etc. I love people. I feel like we can learn so much from the people around us. All it takes is being a little bit more present and interested in what they have to offer: curiosity is how I put it.

I hope I can be better at living in the present moment and allow myself to learn/heal from what the people around me have to offer. Hopefully that I can give them something of worth in return just by being in my presence.

As sweet Mother Teresa put it:
"Spread love everywhere you go: first of all in your own house. Give love to your children to your wife or husband, to a next door neighbor... Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness; kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness in your warm greeting."

Sunday, February 24

flying: "all it takes is just a little pixie dust.."

... and of course, happy thoughts. That is the age old advice from a young boy named Peter Pan. A boy my mom especially has always loved and wanted to be like.

The other day I found myself quickly caught in a ver vivid flashback. While watching this little boy the T.V. was on the Disney channel. A cartoon about this sad little blue square head came on. He was sad but his friends (orange, red, and yellow square heads) came and sang a happy song, cheering him up.

For some reason this triggered a memory in my mind. I was brought back to when I was around 10 yrs old. I was laying on a bed and my mom had my head in her lap. I was distraught and crying in much pain. When I was around this age I used to get terrible migraine headaches that would inhibit my ability to see/think clearly. While I was in pain my mom would say to me, "Allie, can you think of some happy thoughts? What are your happy thoughts?" I remember trying to muster any happy thought through the pain was a serious challenge.... But somehow I was able to start listing off my "happy thoughts.." All of which I was able to visualize in my head. I remember red balloons, flowers and pretty houses starting to overtake my mind and pain. I would list these off to my mom and she would encourage me to keep going. After many minutes of listing off my happy thoughts I remember feeling tired but free of pain. My mom would let me rest and I woke up happy and able to focus again.

This memory brought so much comfort to me. It reminded me that as children of God we have so much power to overcome pain. He truely wants and desires for our happiness. I'm thankful for the wonderful things He has blessed me with so I can live a happy life. I know at times we can't fully escape the pain we sometimes need to go through, but I know He can ease our pain.

What are your happy thoughts?

Saturday, February 16

Home and Heart.

Home is listening to "Run Round" by The Blues Travelers or "Hand in my Pocket" by Tori Amos.
It's the comfort of the big wasatch mountains on the east side that always make me feel better.
It's running down the hall of the old highschool with my tall friend piggy backing on my back.
It's doing the harlem shake wherever I am because my friends don't mind.
It's wearing big fluffy socks with walmart cordior leggings.
It's the smell of cinnimon, cloves, and big stinky dogs. (great combo I know).
It's the sound of children playing, screaming, laughing, and wanting love.
It's putting my fingers to the guitar and letting them play whatever is sitting on my heart.
It's the voice of those I love.
It's the long windy streets filled with memories of long boarding, biking, scootering, skateboarding, rollerblading, running, and even walking.
It's the colors of green, blue, lavender, hot pink, aqua, yellow, and white.
It's the pain of past hurts.
It's the imperfections like pot holes that mess your car up.
It's the backyard with many years spent in of safari's, books, jumping, tumbling, pondering, tears, and swimming.

Home. It's a good place in my heart.

Sunday, February 10


(said in the Frosty the snowman voice of course).

It's my Dad and Sister's birthday tomorrow. And I thought in their honor I would dedicate a post to them. My sister is so lucky to share this special day with my dad. And vice versa my dad always called my sister his "little present." Okay maybe he didn't.. but she was a gift on his birthday none-the-less.

 Let me start with Annie. She has always been my best friend, trouble maker pal, co-tattle teller mate, protector, go-to for help, let me take all my frustration out on you, etc. you get the message. She is amazing. If you ever need wise, good advice, she has a gift. She knows how to put things in black and white and help you see the best in yourself. She may have a tough exterior but I've never met someone who has the biggest heart. She cares more than anyone I've ever met. And mostly she cares about her family. She cares about things that really matter and she'll fight for them too. I'm so thankful for all the times she stood up for me. I wouldn't be here today without her.. maybe I would but I wouldn't be the same person. Even though I'm the older sister she has always protected my little timid self and has taught me how to stand taller and defend myself in moments of danger. I will never forget the time I went to her at the ripe old age of 7 (she was 5) and told her something that was really uncomfortable to me. She stood up for me and protected me. I will always love her for that. If you don't know her, you're missing out on a good human that's for sure. Love you Annie and HAPPY day of BIRTH!!

Second is my dad. This time of year always gets me thinking about him and all he has taught me. With his birthday and then the anniversary of his death in about a month, I can't help but think of all the memories I have with him.. and moslty all he has taught me.
1. He taught me how to camp, well at least he did the best he could with a little girl who wanted to wear pink all the time. Because of him my appreciation for nature is so deep.  And yes.. that is me in the sweat suit, hand on my hip (forever a sass), and a pink bow in the front.

2. He taught me the importance of love. I've never met someone who loved/loves like my dad did/does. He wasn't ashamed to love with all his heart and express it to those around him.. even if it meant heartache. I'm thankful for that.

So to two people I love so much: Happy Birthday. You've made a difference in my life and I love you for it.