Sunday, March 31

Glad you're here Colt 45

Those who know football may know that name... for me I have no idea really besides the fact that's what my Dad called my little brother.

Alan Colton David Vincent

Yep. That's my soon to be 16yr old brothers full name. I just call him bud. He's always been my little bud.

He is the youngest of my 4 other siblings and I. Lucky for him that made him the most spoiled, the brunt of every joke, and of course the most picked on. Though, I must say, despite all that, he managed to be the most loving, the goofiest, and can dish it back as much as he gets teased himself.

Favorite memories:
-When he was younger he would get really angry at times.. not just the "I'm never going to talk to you again," but "I'm so mad at you let me just throw this golf picker upper at your face." Fits of rage. One time he got so made he threw my pet rock at my friends face; breaking her tooth in half (shout out Sara).
-Colton always had really long hair from the age 2-6. One time my grandma was cutting his long long locks and the choppers broke. Picture this: A little boy with half his head shaved the other half long curly locks. He went the whole weekend with his hair like that.
- Going to watch Colt play football was always a joy.

Favorite qaulities:
Colton Vincent is probably one the most loving little boys (not so little anymore) I know. His heart is so tender and so big. Despite the loses he's had throughout his life he always seems to keep a smile on his face and be the goof of the party.

Him and I have always been two peas in a pod. We could be twins in every way.. our personalities, looks, and how we manage to be the joke of the party. I love him and am so proud of who is!

LOVE YOU little Brother! Happy Birthday (3 days in advance).

 Can you see what a ham he is? Love this little/big guy!