Wednesday, April 17

You want to write a paper about what? ...


That's right, write a paper about play. My major* is so in my field of knowledge of interest and ability.

My teacher assigned us to write a paper about playing. The assignment included taking 2 separate times to play for 15 minutes. What is play you may ask? Here is a brief definition of what it could include:  pleasurable and enjoyable, no extrinsic goals, spontaneous and voluntary, active engagement, and make-believe. 

Since this is mostly what I do all the time, doing this assignment was like giving me a yam during snack time (remember that one time of how I explained my weird love for this orange root vegetable). Lets just say I was pleasantly excited. Despite how I've become close to professional at playing (especially make believe), writing this paper made me realize how much playing really does benefit us as growing, developing individuals. 

Here is an excerpt from my paper that really made me open my eyes and see just how thankful I am for moments when I get to play. 

            "    Playing provides room to grow and develop cognitively, as we learned in class today. Playing can help you stay balanced because it helps keep you in a “life doesn't need to be a big hurry,” frame of mind. It’s a good way to help relieve stress and can help you better connect with your children. For the past 7 years I've been a nanny for 5+ different families in my hometown. Dropping my worries of school, dating, family, or whatever it was, to play with the children I tended for always heightened my ability to cope and handle situations more maturely. It helped me to literally take a “time-out” from all I needed to do and just relax; which I soon came to find as I allowed myself to relax and let go of tension, I was able to perform more efficiently and use my mind more effectively.  " 

Not only is playing fun for children or adults, it is an important factor in proper cognitive development. Which I feel is just as important for adults because we too are still developing and growing. It was an eye opener because I'm always told that I just need to relax and stop worrying.. little did I know my playful child-like nature already allowed me to do this. 

So people, find yourself caught up in the worries and stresses of life? GO PLAY!   With you kids, with your friends, or by yourself. 

make believe play?
soccer play/football play!

*Human development and Family studies is my major :)