Tuesday, July 2

sometimes I'm considered weird.

Okay maybe most the time.

Everyone is in their own way. Like for me, drinking Mountain Dew that has ingredients you have no idea what they are let alone how to pronounce them, is weird, let alone toxic. But I'm sure to others, being perfectly happy with eating a plain yam with nothing on it (cooked of course), is simply weird and obsessive (at least slightly in my case, I've gotten better). I'm fine with that, its all about perspective, right?

This isn't why I wanted to write this post though. I was thinking this morning on where I've come from (not geographically) within this past year. I've grown a lot. I guess there comes a point where you kinda have to and you have no choice.

Having a chronic disease or any type of chronic pain, you really have to be open and adventurous when it comes to figuring out how to find things that will help you feel better (especially when it is day 7, you've gotten perfect sleep, and you're still fatigued/tired). I've learned a lot of little techniques that help and I decided that I'm going to share them with you this next week-because who doesn't want or desire better health.

On today's: "Allie's little helpful tips for healthy living," ... okay not really. To the point, tip #1.

It all comes down to the basics. I know. We here it a lot. But basic, simple stuff really is all we need for a good foundation. Even Christ teaches us that in the scriptures.

What are the basics? 
1. Keep yourself in environements that are going to add to you and not take away.
Believe me, I've learned this the hard way. I guess you can interpret this how you please. It call comes down to being sensitive to the signals your body gives you. If you have a headache being around too many negative things, maybe that is a sign to get out.
2. Get good sleep.
Ya ya. Some people say they only need 6 hours of sleep, some four. Honestly I believe sleep is the best thing ever for healing your body and rejuvenating it for a new day.  You will come to learn how much your body needs: whether you get too much or too little. But good sleep isn't just about how much sleep you get, its also about the quality. I'll be posting more sources and stuff to read about this later.
3. Eat nutrition your body needs. 
I'm pretty sure your body will be just fine with out the loads of sugar we tend to crave and consume (which is just your body telling you, you are missing some type of nutrient: vitamins, minerals, etc.), so put the peice of cake down, you'll be fine I promise. But really, our bodies need just the basic nutrients. Meat (sparingly.. there are two extremes-none and too much..all in all every body is different in what it needs), veggies, fruit, and water. That is just the basics people.
4. Be positive and try to find things to be grateful for.
You have no idea how beneficial this is until you try it. I promise you it will improve your health in ways you will never understand.

Those are just some of the basics. But look forward to other blog post with recipes that have helped me, the journey of learning how to make my own essential oils, and so much more. yay! And it you really could care less about any of this.. then you don't have to read. I'm mostly writing this for maybe one person out there who maybe needs a little extra help. And if you have any suggestions and what you'd like to know more about.. feel free to comment and I'll see if I have anything to share!

flow little faucet, please.

Have you ever felt a complete drain of creative juices? A blockage; No leak at all. Like a faucet, that when you turn on no water comes out; you hit it thinking maybe something will come out, a drop.. but nothing. Okay you haven't? Well I sure have these past couple of weeks.. hence why I haven't really had any post and when I do they're not that great nor inspiring.

I sit down to write something to sing with my guitar, come up with some new tunes.. nothing; actually to be honest, I'm so tense that I end up breaking the guitar strings just by trying to tune it. All the emotions are just sitting there wanting to come out but like the water in the faucet that wont flow out, they just sit there bottling up. Spinning, stirring, panicking, and then all of a sudden a day like today comes. The sunlight somehow draws out the water or in my case my feelings and I feel a little free again. Sure its may not be a huge stream of water like when you go to a fountain and its a consistent flow of gentle waves. But its a stream of little drops. And to be quite frank again, I'm at least thankful for that. I had a few ideas come this morning though.

As I've mentioned many times before.. (or maybe haven't), life is hard. Plain simple hard. Tough. Rocky. But I've come to learn that that's really what makes life so beautiful. Mostly due to the fact that we are not alone in the hard, sticky, sometimes uncomprehendable (pretty sure thats not a word.. but I'm going to flow with it) moments of our life. Because the truth is there are people everywhere surrounding us who have been through or are going through something just as hard, sticky, and uncertain as we are. These people can provide us with support, love, and encouragement to keep going.

This is why I try to express myself I guess: through this blog, speaking face to face, whatever is the source.. so that maybe I can provide a helping hand to someone who may need a little extra strength. And maybe by raising my voice no one will really care or even need an extra hand. But hopefully I can live to inspire or help maybe just one person to repay all the inspiration and help that's been given to me. Especially with in this past 2 years of trying to figure out how to balance my somewhat confusing health.. Which I'm going to post more helpful things I've learned in how to do so.

So there you go.. a little droplet of creativity. Not much, but I'm thankful for what it is.

This picture was taken last fall