Saturday, July 12

Stop it.

Have you ever felt like you’re not enough? Maybe you were teased growing up? Maybe you put labels on yourself? If so, I know where you’re coming from. I’ve experienced all of these.

I remember times of being made fun of in Elementary school: that I was awkward. I remember one girl sneezing all the time when I was around her  saying, “ I think I have allergies, and its to you.” Or the time in Jr. High when I was called fat. Not to mention the countless times I’ve been labeled too slow, dumb blonde (before I was blonde), not smart enough, shy, etc. As time went on I began to believe all these lies- even though I would pretend otherwise by over compensating. When I looked in the mirrior I saw a girl who was stupid, shy, awkward, silly, dumb, fat, etc. Not only did I let people bully me but long after they were done I began to bully myself. After I was really sick I remember people saying things like: well you’re just really fragile and weak. One guy even had the audacity to say “well maybe we are just not meant to be friends because we like to do fun things and you can’t because you’ll just break down and get sick.” What the? I’m not sure why I let people treat me like that... maybe because I just wanted to be accepted by anyone really. Maybe fear of standing up for myself that I’d get made fun of more or worse IN TROUBLE.

But when it comes to bullying, even if its self bullying, I’m starting to adapt the phrase of Elder Utchdorf, “Stop It!"

I wish that we would be a little bit kinder. A little bit more understanding. And a little bit more loving. You never know the situation someone is in that may be making them a little “awkward, weak, slow, etc.” So before we start to label someone, even ourselves, I hope we’ll stop and remember who we really are. Children of a God who created us to be like him: Magnificent, loving, kind, creative, hopeful, faithful, patient, understanding, joyful, humorous, wise, virtuous, pure, and so much more. Not that I’m perfect at all this, but I guess I’m just trying to express my hopes.

So here’s to being me and loving it more than ever; Not that it’s been easy to discard what I’ve believed myself to be my whole life (a whole grieving process in itself). But the progress I have made is something I’m proud of. I’m happy to be me. As awkward as that may be at times and hope it inspires others to love themselves too. With whatever weakness or quark they may have. You are beautiful; Because you are you. And no one has experienced life the way you have. You are unique.

Girl power. 

I love love love these like girls. 


  1. I love you for YOU! Love that share like this!

  2. I love you Al! Awesome post :) we all need to remember that we are all brothers and sisters, and hopefully that would help us to remember to treat others as such. Xoxo!